Officially licensed artwork
Danny Haas

The Apprentice (Ahsoka/Vader) Collectible Pin

$ 29.95

The Apprentice (Ahsoka/Vader) Collectible Pin
by Danny Haas

(multiple orders will be canceled)

Silver color metal collectible pin on backer card with image of the artwork the pin was based on.

  • artist:  Danny Haas
  • sku:  SWREB1105PIN2
  • 150 piece edition
  • measures 3" x 3" (pin), 9" x 4" (backer card)
  • comes with certificate of authenticity printed on back of card

If ordered with a print, the pin will ship taped to the poster tube cap and the backer card rolled around the print.  We recommend ordering pins separately from prints.  If more than two pins are ordered with a print, the pins will ship separately and we will contact you to pay the additional shipping costs.


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