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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusives


SDCC 2018 Exclusive Preorder

San Diego Comic-Con
July 18th-22nd 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center

 Visit Acme's booth at Comic-Con - Booth #5629

Welcome to Acme Archives' Exclusives Pre-Order Page

Pre-Order for Pick-Up for Attendees Only | beginning June 25th @ noon PT & ending July 12th @ noon PT


Preview new releases here

A limited number of exclusives will be set aside for non-attendees.
Non-attendee ordering will start July 18th @ 6pm PT

Prints must be picked up from our booth (#5629) at the show.  No prints will be shipped.
Bring a copy of your order when picking up. (if someone will be picking up for you, please put that person's name in the notes when checking out)

Acme Booth at Comic-Con

Acme Booth at Comic-Con

(pre-orders are not eligible for the D23 discount) 

Only the products listed on this page will be eligible for pre-order for pick-up and cannot be combined with products that need to be shipped.
(adding non pick-up items may cause delays and issues with picking up at the show)

Payment is taken when the order is placed.

Preview our exclusives now!

Globex Corporation by Dave Perillo | The Simpsons
"Globex Corporation"
by Dave Perillo
250 piece signed silk screen edition
12" x 24"
Burgerboss by Florey | Bob's Burgers
by Florey
250 piece silk screen edition
18" x 24"
Quagmire by J.J. Lendl | The X-Files
by J.J. Lendl
295 piece lithograph edition
18" x 24"
(the artist will be at our booth signing prints)
Darkness Shines by Steve Thomas
"Darkness Shines" variant
by Steve Thomas
95 piece foil silk screen edition
24" x 36"
Solo Escape by Andy Fairhurst
"Solo Escape"
by Andy Fairhurst
250 piece lithograph edition
12" x 24"
Portrait of Adventure by Masey
"Portrait of Adventure"
by Masey
50 piece canvas edition
14.5" x 18"
30 piece paper edition
13" x 19" (paper size)
(both editions signed by the artist)

"Eyes on the Prize"
by Christopher Clark
50 piece canvas edition
25" x 20"
30 piece paper edition
19" x 13" (paper size)
(both editions signed by the artist)