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SDCC 2024 Exclusive Pre-Order for Pick Up starts 7/10/24 @ noon PT
SDCC 2024 Exclusive


Beginning May 2nd @ noon PT & ending May 16th @ noon PT

Legacy in the Making

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$ 65.00
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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim May 26th - 29th 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center

  • "Legacy in the Making"
  • artist: L. Jason Queen
  • $65.00
  • 18" x 24" signed and numbered lithograph print
  • #120 Coated Matte - PH neutral and long-life archival paper
  • 250 piece edition
  • limit 2 per customer (multiple orders will be cancelled without notice)

This piece will be available for pick-up at from Acme in the Art Show section at Star Wars Celebration. Please note that unfortunately the artist will not be attending the show.

Prints will not be shipped.  This print can only be ordered with other Celebration pick-up prints and can not be combined with other prints to ship on this site. This print is not eligible for any discounts.

About the art:
"Mandalorian Legacy is my exploration of the Mandalorian culture. I was 5 when I first encountered Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back. Who was that masked man? His mystery and on-screen presence peaked my childhood curiosity. From movies and animated series to the recent television series, I love everything there is to love about Mandalorian culture. As Mandalorians in the television series referred to themselves as the “tribe”, that word inspired the piece I created. I found inspiration from the majestic totems of the art of various Native American cultures. I also found inspiration from the visual design of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tree of Life. So with these ideas in mind, I set to work combining my concept with my somewhat chaotic yet slightly organized painting style. The result is a piece of art that I hope captures my admiration of the strength and heart of the Mandalorians. This is the way!" - L. Jason Queen

About the artist:
Specializing in visual storytelling L. Jason Queen is best known for his illustrations in science-fiction, fantasy, and horror art. He is a sketch card artist for Topps having worked on sets for Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, and Stranger Things. Jason also has officially licensed and published works for franchises including Netflix’s Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Firefly, Hannibal, and John Carpenter’s Halloween. In 2017 he was a winner in Disney’s official Star Wars: The Last Jedi art contest, where his work was displayed on the red carpet at the world premiere.  |