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On The Eve of War

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Type: Lithograph

Star Wars Celebration 2020 Artist Exclusive
ordering begins 12/15 @ noon PT and ends 12/31 @ noon PT 


  • artist: Cat Staggs
  • 250 piece signed and numbered lithograph edition
  • 18" x 24"
  • pre-order - expected to ship by the end of February 2021

“I started the propaganda series back in 2007 with ‘Spirit of ’77’ and here I am with the 8th piece in the series, ‘On The Eve Of War.’  The Rebellion was built on scraps and what better way to illustrate that than ‘support your own’ style propaganda. Usually, I would alternate between the Rebellion and the Empire, but this year I was really struggling to bring an Imperial concept to fruition. I had been wanting to do this piece for a few years and then we lost Peter Mayhew, and it made this piece mean even more to me. I found a new drive to make this piece come together. I hope it captures the heart behind those who never seem to tire in the battle against the Empire.” - Cat Staggs  

about the artist:

Cat is an artist best known for her work on the New York Times Bestselling title Smallville Season 11 from DC Comics and Crosswind with Gail Simone for Image Comics. Currently working on John Carpenter’s Tales of Halloween Night Vol. 6 with Amanda Deibert and Frank Tieri (Storm King Comics). Recently she completed Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity-Secret Files #1 with Kami Garcia(DC Titles). She has also worked on popular titles like Death of Superman with Louise Simonson(DC Comics), Adventures of Supergirl (DC Comics), Wonder Woman ‘77 (DC Comics), X-Files and Orphan Black (IDW), Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman (DC), The Vampire Diaries (DC), Phantom Lady and Doll Man (DC), Star Trek (IDW), Tales For A Halloween Night Vol. 1-5 (Storm King), and over ten years in the Star Wars universe with Lucasfilm. In 2017 one of a kind original Wonder Woman piece was inducted to the Library of Congress by Lynda Carter along with Wonder Woman '77 Vol 1.


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