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Officially Licensed Art

Be With Me

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Type: Lithograph

Star Wars Celebration 2020 Artist Exclusive
ordering begins 12/15 @ noon PT and ends 12/31 @ noon PT 


  • artist: Erik Maell
  • 250 piece signed and numbered lithograph edition
  • 16" x 24"
  • pre-order - expected to ship by the end of February 2021

“In my work, I frequently reference iconic moments from the Star Wars universe and reimagine them in new ways to present them from a different perspective, such as the ‘Rey’s Abduction’ and ‘Mourning for Padmé’ illustrations that I created for previous Star Wars Celebrations. Continuing this tradition, I thought this time around it would be interesting to tackle the scene from Rise of Skywalker in which Rey is training on the jungle moon of Ajan Kloss. Rey repeats ‘Be with me’ over and over as she floats above the ground, inviting the Jedi of the past to speak to her. Frustrated, she feels as though she might never be able to hear their voices. But as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had once said, ‘No one’s ever really gone,’ and even though Rey was not aware of it, I believe she had never truly been alone. A thousand generations of Jedi lived within her, watching over her and guiding her. Rey was able to draw upon their wisdom, bravery, and strength, and ultimately summoned the courage to face her destiny.” - Erik Maell  

about the artist:

Erik Maell has enjoyed a very diverse career working both as a commercial illustrator and as a fine artist. Aside from his extensive portfolio of Lucasfilm-licensed artwork from the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, his work as an illustrator has included assignments for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, and Topps Trading Card Company. As a fine artist, he has exhibited his paintings in many solo and group shows across the United States and in Europe. He is also the author and designer of the book, Mona Lisa Reimagined.  Erik Maell on Facebook


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these exclusives can only be purchased and shipped with other Celebration 2020 exclusives and do not ship with our other artwork - ordering with non-Celebration 2020 exclusives may delay order processing and shipping

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