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Brian Rood

Brian began his career while in college, studying graphic design. He became interested in the field of illustration and started an internship with a local art studio that was breaking into the comic books industry. It was here, that Brian learned about the airbrush as a commercial illustration tool and quickly caught on to painting with it. Soon Brian was teaching other artists how to manipulate the tool and create images that rival photographs.

Brian attended his first Comic Book convention with only two paintings and not knowing what to expect. Much to his surprise, the convention was more then just comic books, it was a gathering of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, film, music, video games, pin-ups, pop culture, licensed merchandise, etc… that would soon be taking Hollywood by storm. He was in complete awe of the opportunities and possibilities that were contained within the convention center walls. For several years to come, Brian toured the various conventions across then country and began establishing himself with fans, collectors, editors, art directors, writers and other artists. Brian’s untouchable talent got him jobs such as cover art, interior art, storybook illustrations, posters, collector lithographs, trading cards, and advertising/ packaging art. Brian’s first art book, The Art of Brian Rood , was published in 2003 and has since gone into a hardbound edition.

Brian’s latest works can be found throughout various retail markets including the collectors market, Hasbro toys packaging art for both the Star Wars and Transformers toy lines, the gift markets, books and magazines, posters and lithos, giclees, stickers, collectible cards for both Topps and Upperdeck, magnets and much, much more!

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