Black Sabbath & A Christmas Story! December 14, 2016 12:00

On Thursday @ 11am PST we will be releasing a new Black Sabbath print and variant by Dan Mumford as well as A Christmas Story print by Ian Glaubinger.

Paranoid by Dan Mumford | Black Sabbath

by Dan Mumford
200 piece silk screen edition
18" x 24"


Paranoid variant by Dan Mumford | Black Sabbath

"Paranoid" variant
by Dan Mumford
100 piece silk screen edition
18" x 24"


A Christmas Story by Ian Glaubinger

"A Christmas Story"
by Ian Glaubinger
200 piece lithograph edition
18" x 24"



Comic-Con is here! Check out the new art we have available! July 20, 2016 18:00

New artwork from artists Brian Miller, Dave Perillo, Carlos Dattoli, Scott Park,
Ian Glaubinger, Jerry Vanderstelt, James Silvani, Dan Mumford and Andrew Swainson!

If you're at the show, come check us out at booth #5629.

If you couldn't make the show, click here to see new artwork featuring The Simpsons, Futurama, Firefly,
Star Wars, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kung Fu Panda, Alien, Iron Maiden and Power Rangers!

Enlist in the UNSC! Halo print by Ian Glaubinger now available! February 02, 2016 09:00

New Halo silk screen print -


"Enlist in the UNSC"
by Ian Glaubinger

The only good Covie is a dead Covie!

Coming this Friday - Chasing Adventure by Ian Glaubinger November 18, 2015 13:49

This Friday Nov. 20th (beginning @ 11am PST), Dark Ink will have a new Indiana Jones print from Ian Glaubinger:

"Chasing Adventure"
150 piece signed silk screen edition
4 color on Madero Beach Cover
printed by Diamond Hill Screen Printing
18" x 24"