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Take a trip to the New New York sewers!

Beware El Cupanibre!  This Futurama print by Dan Mumford is inspired by the season two episode, "I Second That Emotion."  Join Fry, Leela and Bender as they descend down to the New New York sewers in search of Leela's beloved Nibbler.


"You Guys Realize You Live in a Sewer, Right?"
250 piece edition

"You Guys Realize You Live in a Sewer, Right?"
100 piece variant edition


"He creeps and crawls in the midnight hush,
Silent as a low-flow toilet flush,
Watch your step,
'Cause sooner or later,
He'll eat you whole,
And half your alligator (crocodile)."
- Ballad of El Chupanibre


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