"Ill-Starred Love"

$ 49.00


Star Wars Celebration Chicago April 11th-15th 2019 at McCormick Place

Attendees only! Pre-Order for Pick-Up
Beginning February 27th @ noon PT & ending March 15th @ noon PT

  • artist:  Zoltan Simon (SimonZ)
  • 16" x 21.6" giclee print on resin coated luster paper
  • 250 piece edition

This piece will be available for pick-up at the artist's table in the Art Show section at Star Wars Celebration.

Prints will not be shipped.  This print can only be ordered with other Celebration pick-up prints and can not be combined with other prints to ship on this site. This print is not eligible for any discounts.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Art Show

"Star Wars has so many strong motifs and archetypes, I always find inspiration in them. The idea of this image came into my mind when I was standing in a beautiful garden at Lake Como last September, at the shooting location of the wedding scene from Attack of the Clones. The picture catches the dark and inevitable future in a beautiful and happy moment: Darth Vader’s mask building up like a cracked glass coffin around Padmé’s face. From the opposite point of view, if we try to see through Vader’s mask, we can see the love and the good in him — the good that never left him.” ~ Zoltan Simon


Zoltan Simon is a digital mixed media artist from Hungary who became a Star Wars fan after seeing the movie for the first time, in 1997. His most popular work (made for the 30th anniversary of A New Hope) was used to create the world's largest LEGO mosaic image in London. He had exhibitions in London and Budapest where he currently lives. Besides his design works he likes to talk (even at college courses) about the visual symbolism and mythic aspects of the Star Wars universe. Zoltan has a PhD in biology and uses his knowledge as an R&D expert.

After visiting many Celebrations, this will be his first Celebration Art Show appearance. His piece is about love, passion and fate; about change and balance between good and evil. Printed on luster surface paper to please your eyes and fingertips, too - at least until you frame it!

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