"Heart of the Rebellion"

$ 65.00


Star Wars Celebration Chicago April 11th-15th 2019 at McCormick Place

Attendees only! Pre-Order for Pick-Up
Beginning February 27th @ noon PT & ending March 15th @ noon PT

  • artist:  Darren Tan
  • 16.5" x 23.3" (A2) lithograph print
  • 250 piece edition

This piece will be available for pick-up at the artist's table in the Art Show section at Star Wars Celebration.

Prints will not be shipped.  This print can only be ordered with other Celebration pick-up prints and can not be combined with other prints to ship on this site. This print is not eligible for any discounts.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Art Show

"I love the many diverse aliens species in Star Wars and what they represent in the context of our real world. They populate every known corner of the galaxy and on every level of society; they are scum, politicians, traders, explorers and everyday citizens, but those individuals who fought and died for freedom and peace against the tyranny of the Empire and The First Order hold a special place in my heart. This piece is a tribute to those alien characters who are often overlooked but who nevertheless make up the heart of the Rebellion. As a fan of the Mon Calamari I also wanted to give special honour to Ackbar and Raddus, who along with the rest of their people were integral in the downfall of the Empire and in fulfilling the dream of a free galaxy." ~ Darren Tan


A lifelong Star Wars fan, Darren Tan’s passion for art stems from his childhood obsession with a galaxy far, far away, which inspired him to pursue a career in digital animation. Eventually he discovered that he loved painting and drawing more than anything else and that digital illustration was his true calling. He now works as a freelance illustrator for official Star Wars licensees like Fantasy Flight Games and Del Rey Publishing and hopes to inspire future generations of artists. When not working he loves playing X-Wing and Star Wars Armada with his friends, as well as catching up on the latest Star Wars books and comics. Originally from Malaysia, he now lives with his wife and daughters in sunny Singapore.


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