Officially licensed artwork

"Powerslave" Variant

$ 50.00

  • artist: Dan Mumford
  • 100 piece silk screen edition
  • each print has the artist's authorized signature
  • 18" x 24"
  • released July 8th 2015
  • printed by VGKids
  • 4 color on 100# French Paper Lemon Drop
“The iconic cover of Powerslave is an image that was burned in my brain from an early age. Released in 1984, it was something I always associated with real metal and was consistently on the shelves of CD's I would look through as a kid. It was the clear winner for me, not only does it raise Eddie up to his rightful God status, but it allowed me to play with some epic imagery and create an image that hopefully does him and the band justice." - Dan Mumford

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Dan Mumford, Sold Out,

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