"In Umbris Potestas Est"

$ 60.00


Star Wars Celebration Chicago April 11th-15th 2019 at McCormick Place

Attendees only! Pre-Order for Pick-Up
Beginning February 27th @ noon PT & ending March 15th @ noon PT

  • artist:  Cryssy Cheung
  • 16" x 20" lithograph print with gold foil accents
  • 250 piece edition

This piece will be available for pick-up at the artist's table in the Art Show section at Star Wars Celebration.

Prints will not be shipped.  This print can only be ordered with other Celebration pick-up prints and can not be combined with other prints to ship on this site. This print is not eligible for any discounts.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Art Show

“To get ideas for what I wanted to do for my Celebration print this year, I binge-watched Star Wars Rebels.  The art direction was inspiring and the storyline was captivating; I didn’t expect to see Maul, but there he was! From that moment, I knew I wanted to create a piece centered around Maul’s quest to find and open the Sith Holocron.” ~ Cryssy Cheung

Cryssy Cheung is a New York-based art director, designer and award winning illustrator. She is deeply influenced by the art for Cocorico Magazine, old graphic design, and the posters of Alphonse Mucha.

Cryssy came of age during the early days of digital art where she quickly realized her passion and followed her bliss to the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Cryssy has evolved into a multidisciplinary illustrator known for comic book covers, editorial illustration, and licensed Star Wars art. Some clients include: Adobe, CBS Star Trek Discovery, Marvel Studios, Valiant, IDW Publishing, EasyJet, Eater, and Moleskine.


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