"30 Seconds Over Tatooine"

$ 75.00


Star Wars Celebration Chicago April 11th-15th 2019 at McCormick Place

Attendees only! Pre-Order for Pick-Up
Beginning February 27th @ noon PT & ending March 15th @ noon PT

  • artist:  Cat Staggs
  • 18" x 24" lithograph print
  • 250 piece edition

This piece will be available for pick-up at the artist's table in the Art Show section at Star Wars Celebration.

Prints will not be shipped.  This print can only be ordered with other Celebration pick-up prints and can not be combined with other prints to ship on this site. This print is not eligible for any discounts.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Art Show

“Continuing the fan-favorite propaganda series, I chose to do a ‘Loose Lips’ theme this time featuring Princess Leia and R2-D2. Information security is a big part of the success of the rebellion, and this scene is an iconic moment from the saga, the moment Leia sets the fall of the Empire in motion.” - Cat Staggs


Cat is an artist best known for her work on the New York Times Bestselling title Smallville Season 11 from DC Comics. Currently working on Crosswind with co-creator, Gail Simone (Image Comics) and John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction; Surviving Nuclear Attack with Joe Harris(Storm King Comics). Recently she completed Death of Superman with Louise Simonson(DC Comics).  She has also worked on popular titles like Adventures of Supergirl (DC Comics), Wonder Woman ‘77 (DC Comics), X-Files and Orphan Black (IDW), Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman (DC), The Vampire Diaries (DC), Phantom Lady and Doll Man (DC), Star Trek (IDW), Tales For A Halloween Night Vol. 1-4 (Storm King), and over ten years in the Star Wars universe with Lucasfilm. In 2017 a one of a kind original Wonder Woman piece was inducted to the Library of Congress by Lynda Carter along with Wonder Woman '77 Vol 1.  


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