Officially licensed artwork
Raymond Swanland

Aliens: Issue #3

$ 45.00

  • artist: Raymond Swanland
  • 395 piece lithograph edition
  • 16" x 24"
  • Dark Horse comic cover art from the Aliens comic book series published in 2009
  • released April 26th, 2016 (Alien Day)

Untold trillions of miles from Earth, the planet Chione holds limitless treasures, ancient mysteries . . . and horrors beyond imagination. In the presence of the greatest archaeological discovery in human history, biologist David Sereda's journey of discovery becomes a desperate rescue mission as he plunges alone into a vast, maze-like necropolis to save the life of a woman trapped amidst an infestation of deadly xenomorphs. But when Sereda comes face to face with the madmen who murdered his crew -- and buried him alive -- he begins to doubt his quest as he realizes that for any hope of success in the midst of monsters, Sereda may need to make a deal with devils. 

Originally published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc

Part of these collections:
20th Century Fox, Alien, Alien/Predator, All,

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